Free CSS Template – RS19

Here is another free CSS Template released under Creative Commons Attribution License, suitable for blogs and small websites. This one features a nice looking background image and make use of some of the CSS 3.0 techniques like Box Shadows and text shadows.

Enjoy the new template!

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19 Responses to “Free CSS Template – RS19”

  • JerNo Gravatar Says:

    Great work on your layouts. Very impressive work.

  • BruceNo Gravatar Says:

    I love the color of the background and the fade in at the top of the page. Great job on a clean and professional looking template.

  • Amanda OllierNo Gravatar Says:

    great site with some fabulous templates. I shall be adding this to my bookmarked pages. Thank you very much. Amanda :-)

  • buddy.thomasNo Gravatar Says:

    great template again, is there any way of implementing ad space to the right? or an adsense search bar? thanks.

  • Wendy S.No Gravatar Says:

    Beautiful work, great typography which is a passion of mine. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  • irealNo Gravatar Says:

    Is that work for, i mean can i extract it to CSS language form only, so i can write it back in CSS theme??… Sorry if i wrong, im a really newbie.

  • NitaNo Gravatar Says:

    Is there any possibility that we can slow down the banner slider – if yes – can anyone tell me how to do that? Many thanks


  • FernandoNo Gravatar Says:

    Man, I see your work and everything is amazing!

    I wish to have ur talent. congratz

  • artradixNo Gravatar Says:

    Thank’s for this template.

  • nadeltanzNo Gravatar Says:

    New as new can be at this. So, I’m practicing using your Clean and Green Template. Thanks I enjoy the design. I’m now in the process of practicing uploading to the site, as in changes to your template. In one of the changes in the content I added Learning Css and Html for the first time, as well. A very good template for me…thanks again. Nadeltanz

  • craigNo Gravatar Says:

    Basic layout simple and works i like it

  • what is cssNo Gravatar Says:

    The background image reminds me of a cd.

    I really like the big fat dates on each post.

    When I’m trying to leave a reply and start in the Name field and then hit Tab, it goes to Blog at the top of the page.

  • bukmacherzyNo Gravatar Says:

    Very thanks for templates. :)

  • Magali JolyNo Gravatar Says:

    Your templates are good,we wish to add PHP code and JAVA code on any of them for demostration.It is posssible we can get some for free.Pliz reply,we might become corporate friends.

  • DanielNo Gravatar Says:

    Magali, the templates can be downloaded and used for free, and long as you don’t remove the link that they contain to

  • Zaklady sportoweNo Gravatar Says:

    :P Thanks for the new templates

  • Gautam LakumNo Gravatar Says:

    A great designed theme. A simple and good looking and faster in loading.
    thank you

  • mappsolutelyNo Gravatar Says:

    This article is quite helpful for me as I am a web designer and I use CSS quite often. I am sure that the above template is made by a professional web designer as the CSS used in this template is really good.

  • Jumbo DesouzaNo Gravatar Says:

    nice and simaple template

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