Motivational Speakers: Making the Best Choice

It is never a good sign to walk into a business and see a bunch of employees sitting around waiting for something to happen. The most successful business have employees that are looking for something to accomplish and that go out of their way to give their best effort every day.

In order to get the most from every employee every day a business will do many things. They may offer financial incentives or they may try to make the work environment nicer. They will evaluate the employees and they will try to fit the individual into the job that best fits them. All of these things are important to having a workforce that wants to give their best, but it is not always enough, which is why motivational speakers are in demand.

Using Motivational Speakers to Help People

When you are dealing with people, you have to realize that they have feelings. They may not always be in the best mood and it has nothing to do with the job they are working in. They may also become bored with what they are doing or think that it is not important. When the energy seems to be low in a business, bringing in a motivational conference speaker can help change it.

A business may think that the motivational speakers are only designed to deal with large groups of people. This is not true. Motivational speakers can be used for all of the employees in a business or they can target smaller groups. If a business has a big project coming up, they may want to gather the people involved and use a motivational speaker to help get everyone in the right frame of mind to tackle the task. Motivational speakers are not something that is used at the annual meeting that is held every year. They can impact the employees of a business on a daily or weekly basis or they can provide whatever a business thinks is needed.

Finding the Right Motivational Speaker

Motivational speakers come in all shapes, sizes and genders. They all have different backgrounds. It is their ability to tell stories that will excite the audience that the speaker is in front of. It is the combination of the stories that are told and the way that they are told that can get everyone excited about what is happening. It is important to choose a motivational speaker that will connect with the audience in these ways to be successful. There are some key things a business should consider as they search for the right motivational speaker.

·         Think about the audience –The connection that a motivational speaker can create with their audience is very important. It is usually best to choose a motivational speaker that is related to the business or to what the business is trying to accomplish. The speaker should be someone that will be accepted by the audience. If the audience has negative feelings because of who the speaker is, it will be difficult to create the connection.

·         Understand the reason for hiring the motivational speaker – It is important that the motivational speaker knows what the goals of the business are. Is the speaker there just to provide a boost of energy or are there specific issues that have to be addressed. When talking to motivational speakers it is a good idea to know if they have a different approach based on the goals of the business.

·         Work within a budget – Money is still one of the best motivators for employees. The cost of some motivational speakers can be very high. The employees may resent a speaker that gets paid a lot of money and will wonder why they are getting more money. Keeping the cost of the speaker to a reasonable amount can prevent any resentment from the employees.

·         Choose the right time – If employees are losing their motivation because they are swamped with work, taking time to listen to a motivational speaker may be a tough sell. Choose the timing of the speaker carefully to make sure that the message will be received by the people involved.

·         Evaluate the impact – After the motivational speaker has come and gone, the business needs to evaluate whether it worked or not. The information gained after the speaker has left will help the next time a speaker is needed.


There are many that may think that motivational speakers are overpaid and that they do not really accomplish that much. There are others that swear by these speakers and think they are the most valuable tool for a business. The truth about motivational speakers probably lies somewhere in between. When a business takes the time to find the right motivational speaker they are more likely to have a positive effect on their business and no one will complain about having wasted an hour of their time.

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