How Chatbots Will Change Web Interactions in the Future

In order to understand how chatbots will affect interactions on the web, it is important to first know what they are exactly. As it would be a very long discussion to try and explain everything, the shortest and easiest way to understand the concept would be by looking at AI powered digital assistants like Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana. They answer questions, offer suggestions, help us with our schedule and are overall dedicated to making our interactions with the web easier. Similarly, business chatbots assist website owners with customer interactions, queries, suggestions and searches. While it is its still in its infancy right now, intelligent chatbots are the future of web interaction and we will now take a closer look at that probable future.

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Deep Learning

The more complex part of the machine learning process, deep learning, enables the AI to learn from its mistakes, so to speak. It enables the chatbot to recognize and react to speech inputs, data inputs and patterns through a neural network. The results it presents, or the action it takes in response to the triggers, improve each time it faces a situation it has faced before, therefore, making deep learning a continuously improving process for the chatbot. While AI powered chatbots are being used to provide live support on websites even today, the true potential of those chatbots will be realized a few years down the line, after they incorporate sufficient knowledge within their database.


Individualization is the keyword in business and marketing today, but in the future, it will become even more important. Amazon is famous for showing accurate and curated product suggestions to each of its customers, based on their individual search and browsing habits, but AI has more applications in business than just providing good suggestions to customers. For example, chatbots can make each employee a lot more efficient by being individually assigned only to cater to him/her. All unessential data will be removed and the chatbot will cater only to what the employee specifically needs to complete his/her job faster and better. They will likely make using multiple business applications or even using search engines irrelevant for business employees in the future because the chatbot could eventually evolve into an interconnected, intelligent, one-stop solution for all the needs of a business.

Customer-Website Interaction

The introduction of chatbots could very well change how customers interact with a merchant site. It works best when a website is developed with chatbots as part of the original design. For example, this could replace the process of navigating to a specific section of the site or searching for a particular type of product, with live conversations with an AI powered chatbot. If you are looking for laptops, you could just ask the bot to find the type of models what you want, instead of trying to find them with specific keywords. While the technology is still in the process of being perfected, Envigo digital marketing agency is already incorporating websites with similar intelligent chatbots for customer support and product searches.

It is a misconception to consider artificial intelligence as something that will replace human jobs, but instead, it is something that will augment human intelligence. Businesses will turn better profits, customer satisfaction will be higher than ever, and how we mostly interact with the internet today will change forever.

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