Why Do People Engage in Long Distance Learning?

Because of the development of technology, education has become a more accessible commodity, now, more than ever. This is because of the power of the Internet to connect people from opposite sides of the globe.

An example of this is what we now call long distance learning or online learning. There are a lot of distance learning options available nowadays. There is the regular schooling process where students can choose courses that they can complete by accomplishing the tasks and requirements that the teachers provide them online. This is especially true for graduate schools because their students are usually those who are already working. Also, some prestigious schools are located farther from the city, hence, even when schools are available nearby, in order to make available the services of well-founded schools, students would rather learn from them online.

Another popular long-distance learning is online tutoring.

A lot of people are teaching and are being taught online via tutoring services. This can be done by freelancing, meaning an interested tutor can simply post an advertisement of his or her services in job application sites and wait for clients to contact them. Another way is for an interested tutor to apply in an online company that specializes in offering tutoring services. They will be the one to assign you clients and you have to stick to specific class schedules and modules for your students in order for you to keep up with the standard of tutoring of that specific online company.

What makes online tutoring so feasible is the fact that more and more people prefer it over face-to-face tutoring. For instance, if a Spanish person wishes to learn English for a lesser price, instead of going to a regular school to take courses, he or she can hire a tutor. However, while face-to-face tutors are less expensive than regular courses, online tutors are even less expensive than face-to-face tutors. In addition, you could hire someone who is actually a natural English language speaker, making them more credible than your Spaniard-English tutor who also had to learn the language at some point earlier than you are trying to learn it.

Online tutoring is also made possible and cheaper because of the so-called Hosted PBX system used via the internet. Basically, this is like your telephone system, only, it uses the internet as the line of communication so it costs less than your regular telephone charges.

Online tutoring uses this system in order to create an organized workflow for all their tutors and students. It also allows the company to keep track of the classes of tutors and evaluate their output. Above all else, it can provide a stronger and clearer connection between tutors and students, which is an important thing to have if you want an online tutoring system to work.

A lot of companies have started or are planning take advantage of this system and most of them have opted for the services of Broadconnect Telecom’s Hosted PBX system as it is one of the most credible providers of this system nowadays. Freelancers can make use of their services too, because they offer a steady connection, and when the time comes when freelancers gain more clients because of good performance, this system will be necessary in keeping an organized schedule for all classes and clients.


Teaching and learning has never been more fun because of the internet. It has provided us with a way to connect and learn, all around the world.

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