Information On Diaper Rash You Should Know

God has blessed you with a beautiful gift and I understand how you would be taking care of your cute little infant. You may be taking snaps of every single moment of your kid or probably taking videos of his lovely and endearing expressions. Such a beautiful phase of life it is, isn’t it? However, it demands a lot of care and concern as your baby is the most delicate gift to you who can get affected by germs and bacteria very soon.

Despite taking a lot of care, you cannot avoid certain problems that are bound to be there. Diaper rash is also one such problem that occurs quite often and babies suffer with it. You may be using medicated diaper rash cream which is a perfect solution to heal the baby bottoms. Nonetheless, you should take the precautions that can prevent the occurrence of rashes.

To assist you to understand the rashes of the baby bottom, go through the article below and bring a permanent smile on your babies face.

Types Of Rashes

There are mainly two types of rashes.

    1. The rashes caused due to diapers
    2. The one that is not caused due to diaper use

Diaper rashes

It can be caused due to irritation, a yeast infection or such other reasons mentioned below.

Irritant Dermatitis:- It is a medical term used for red and inflamed skin that is caused due to urine or feces with the diaper rash. It is the most common cause of diaper rash that is found on the buttocks, lower abdomen, genitals and upper thighs.

Yeast Infections:- It is the infection that takes place if irritant dermatitis does not get treated properly for more than few days. The yeast infection normally has dark red areas with or without raised yellow fluid-filled pustules that can rupture and flake.

Allergic Reaction:- It is a less common cause of diaper rash. The signs your baby has the allergic reaction include itchy red, scaly skin in the diaper area. The area that comes in touch with diaper becomes allergic to the skin.

Non-Diaper Related Rash

The rashes that are not caused due to diaper includes Seborrhea, atopic dermatitis, bacterial infection, psoriasis, scabies and others that need to be consulted to doctor at the earliest.

It is not possible to determine the cause of the rashes all the time. Hence, it is always better, to begin with, the treatment. Although using rash cream is a good solution, you must consult doctors if the skin is severely affected.


Depending on the severity of the rashes the treatment changes. However, you need to combine measures and medications for its effective healing. There are basically five measures you should keep in mind to prevent the rashes that are as below.



    • Keep your baby diaper free as much as possible. Also, let your baby come in touch of air.
    • Clean the skin of the baby to prevent the rashes.
    • Use a paste or ointment to protect the skin
    • Use the disposable diapers rather than the cloth diapers when the kid is suffering from the diaper rash.
    • Know the ways to prevent the recurrence of rashes


Skin barrier ointment/pastes: these ointments affects quite effectively on the rashes. It is to be applied to the rashes every time you change the diaper. The layer of petroleum jelly protects the skin from coming in the direct touch of the diaper.

Medicated cream: A highly used formula whereby the medicated cream is applied to the diapers and it works faster than the petroleum jelly.

Apart from the above medicines, the other effective medications are anti-fungal cream, steroid ointment, and antibiotics.


With this means, you must have got the basic information on the diaper rash that would help you treat your baby bottoms more efficiently.

Remember, precaution is better than cure. Hence, what you need to do is to prevent the rashes by taking proper measures and avoid medications.

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