How the Leading South African Business Leaders Are Building Their Business Networks

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Do you ever wonder why some South African business leaders get more business opportunities than others, which allows them to grow their organisations? Their ability to network and build their business contacts is one of the main reasons why South African business leaders are able to do this and you can do the same thing. Below are some of the main ways South African business leaders are building their business networks.

They Develop Their Personal Network First

When most people think about building a professional network, they instantly think they have to approach strangers and leading figures in the business world. However, this is not always the case and many leading South African business people start off by developing their personal network first.

Business expert Sam Ovens said that “when you’re first starting out, don’t forget about your personal network of friends and family”. He goes on to say that “many potential clients already exist within your immediate sphere”, so you should approach people you know first. That way your business network can start to build momentum.

Social Media

The internet has made it much easier to contact anyone, anywhere. This is the ideal situation for entrepreneurs who want to reach out to other business professionals and people who can help your business.

Social media in, particular, has taken the business world by storm, with huge numbers of business professionals from all backgrounds visiting social media websites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook every day.

As these websites have become more popular with the South African business community, a wide range of social media groups have emerged. Examples of these South African business groups include LinkedIn groups such as South Africa Doing Business, Venture Capital and Private Equity for Africa, Johannesburg Business Club (South Africa), and South Africa SMME Network. Each of these groups welcomes new members and you can discuss the latest business news, develop new business friendships, and much more.

South African Networking Events

Every year, a wide range of business networking events take place throughout South Africa. However, many people are not aware of these events and miss a golden opportunity to widen their business network. South African business events that you should be aware of include Breakfast Connect, THUDfest, and My Biz Expo, which takes place in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Leading Business Professionals Are Not Afraid to Contact Other People Directly

The main online technologies make it much easier to reach out to fellow South African business professionals. However, there is still a place for traditional methods of communication. If you really want to impress and add someone to your business network, using the personal touch is very effective.

You can do this by writing to them, phoning them, or requesting to meet them face-to-face. However, if you go down this route, you must ensure that both parties will benefit if you decide to build a professional relationship with them.

Start a Networking Group

If you find it difficult to build a local network, other people are probably in the same position as you. Many leaders in different communities have found a solution to this problem by setting up their own local business networks. Doing this instantly makes you an authority figure in your local area and taking this step has the potential to attract people who can help you and others in many different ways.

The leading South African business people are always looking for ways to grow their business network. It’s a goal every business person should have and you can achieve this objective by following the tips above.

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