8 Indian Startups Stories Behind The Name

We all know that how much the name is important weather it is person or business. It is an identity, value and everything. So, here are some details of how the business was start? How the name of the business is decided. Your business name directly connected with the customers. So, it is important to choose the name of the business.

So, here I come with some interesting story of some well-known startup business and why they choose the particular business name?


Follow Your Heart

Bewkoof start by two guys just after completing the graduation and within the few months the venture become successful. These lucky guys are Prabkiran Singh and Siddharth Munot who both starts Bewkoof. Bewkoof.com is one of the best eCommerce and the aims to bring some funniness into our routine and boring lives. Both are civil engineer from IIT Bombay, these young  guys always want to do something different and unique by their own and they started printed t-shirts for college festival. This was very good to begin but they want something extra. After completion of college they drilled their brains to new and different ideas and thus Bewkoof.com was start.

Now, we all are excited to know that why this name???Well they always want something cool, humorous. When they sat for booking a domain, the day were very near to April fool’s day so they tried to put into domains. The name definitely attracts to the people and forced to visit the site. And finally create Bewkoof.com.


Gopher- A Common Term For An Errand Boy In North America

The co-founders of Grofers are Albinder Dhindsa and Saurabh Kumar who belongs to the Gurgaon. They began the business with the delivery of groceries & pharmacy and ‘Gopher + Grocer’ ultimately became Grofers. They deliver household items, so they become a synonymous of groceries. It allows shopping from your home, office and getting delivery in 90 minutes. You can shop vegetables, fruits, bakery, grocery, flowers, and cosmetics without any trouble.


Lookup means “to become better; improve”

The founder of lookup is based to Bengaluru. Lookup is a free and very secure messaging application which connects local shoppers with the business. The tag line of lookup is “To become better; improve” and it’s an interesting phases which is become better by helping local people to provide local information. They also found a domain hack which is suit to our mission that to build a great company so that the next generation can look up to.

When you select a text and click the right button, you can always see lookup ‘text’ in place of Google ‘text’ in chrome. So that is a different story that they envision lookup to become the Google offline!


A Woman Regarded As A Hero…..

SHEROES the name itself suggest that it is for women heroes. It is a career destination for women. The founder of SHEROES is Sairee Chahal; she says that to choose the name ‘SHEROES’ is a name from urban dictionary term for a man or a woman who always supports women’s rights. So this is the perfect name or brand name. The name SHEROES itself give the strength, pride, boldness and action. The business are working on independence, intelligence, grace under pressure, strength and the name fully justice for representing them.


Veda means Knowledge & Tantu means Network

It is a Bengaluru based and it wants to select this brand name to convey the message of ethos of what they set out to do. The co-founder of Vedantu is Vamsi Krishna, she and CEO of Vedantu said that’ ‘our focus was to create a platform that aims to democratize learning and personalize. For this purpose or to fulfill the vision, it creates a system where teachers give the knowledge and education to the students as per their need. The name itself suggests that VEDANTU is made for students for an education and knowledge at any time anywhere. So it is a perfect name.


The Present Generation Need A Shorts-News In Shorts…

Azhar Iqbal, the CEO & Co-Founder of INSHORTS. It is too clumsy to read long news. It also consumed more time to read. So it was a big challenge for me to keep myself to against with the ecosystem said by Azhar. So he and his team introduced a new platform where the news was in just a 60 words! Now, the idea and product both were innovative and attractive, but the name should be attractive also. We give a news shortly to our reader. So, ’INSHORTS’ brings a short news in a minimum words to you.


The World Of Coupons

Sameer Parwani is the CEO & Founder of CouponDunia. He founded it in a year of 2010 in India at an early stage. At that point it made sense to optimize for search engine optimization. To do so, he decided the name coupon in it. And finally he chooses a name “Dunia”, it means it is the Hindi meaning of World even though the founder didn’t know the Hindi or any other Indian languages. And “WORLD OF COUPON “represented his goal of being the best and largest couponing site.


Payments ‘On-The-Go’ With Mobile

MOBIKWIK is a Gurgaon-based mobile wallet company founded by Bipin Preet Singh. Once Bipin vision a future where Indian people would start making all their payments via smart phones. Then he decided for startup a tech venture that would not only enable that transition, but also lead the way based on his vision. Hence, when it came to choose a name for the business, he decided to go with one that reflected how quick and appropriate its technology was- that’s how MobiKwik came to life!


These are some popular brands’ names or companies’ start up stories. These kind of stories might help others for inspiration for startup. We welcome more startup stories via medium of comments which will be popular in near future or already popular enough.

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This article has been written by Guddy Vyas who is an owner at Vyas Infotech. She also startup his finance and technology blog. Her purpose to create his own blog is to just share information related to finance and technology. Follow her on twitter here.

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