Taking a Break From Work – 5 Tips to Recharge

Recharging your batteries is very difficult when you get just a few days away from your office. You have several options at your disposal, but you may not know what to do when you are unsure where to go. You know you want to get away from the office, but you have no idea where. The five tips in this article will help you get away from the office to truly recharge.

#1: Go Camping

You may not like the idea of roughing it on your vacation, but a camping trip allows you an excuse to turn off your cell phone. Depending on where you go, you might not have a power source, and the ultimate way to recharge your batteries is to leave all electronics behind. Just you, the outdoors, your camping gear and the best air mattress you can find to make sure you’re catching up on your sleep debt.

A week being comforted by the sounds of nature rather than a text message or ring tone can work wonders for your productivity.

#2: Go To A Spa

You can get away from it all if you visit a spa facility that forces you to set down your phone for a few moments. The spa atmosphere is extremely quiet, and you can tell everyone at the office that you are purifying at the spa. The cell phone would be too loud for the facility, and you will stay away from the annoying phone calls you want to get away from. You will have access to all the spa services that you could ever want, and you will be pampered with massages, facials and sauna services that will help you forget how hectic the office is.

#3: Go To A Retreat Center

Retreat centers have ashrams and yurts that you can purify in for several days with a spiritual advisor. These are the sort of trips where you can meditate without your electronics, and the center gives you a calm place to sleep every night. You are doing something akin to camping, but you will have a roof over your head when you are at the retreat center. You may stay by yourself in a retreat center, or you could share an ashram with someone else who is trying to get away from their job for a week.

#4: Visit A Mountain Resort

You can take a step up from your camping trip to a mountain resort. Mountain resorts are nestled in the hills, and you will see the fog rise every morning when you wake up. The mountain resort may have a spa and other amenities that help you relax, but the resort is very quiet on its own.

If camping isn’t your thing, you can avoid it while still enjoying hikes through nature or bike rides over mountain trails. Mountain resorts are great places to visit when you are looking for a proper hotel room that leaves you in the quietest place possible.

#5: Take A Staycation

The staycation is something you may want to do if you do not want to leave home and need to save some money. You could tell everyone at the office that you are going out of town, but turn off your cell and stay in the comfort of your own home and more importantly, your own bed.

There are many things around the city that you can do on your own, and you will be amazed by all the things you have not had a chance to do. Go down to that small café around the corner, visit the museums or attractions in your own city or take day trips every day. You can create any itinerary you want, and you will sleep in your own bed every night. You are unplugging your life for a week, but you are not going far from home.

Recharging your batteries is so much easier when you have a plan before you leave. The five plans above will help you get away from it all, and you can go to a place where you can leave your electronics behind. The trips you take will help you recover from a long spurt of hard work.

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