7 Fun Activities To Keep You Fit When You Are A Busy Entrepreneur

When it comes to staying fit, it can be difficult if you are a busy entrepreneur. Your whole day revolves around meetings, clients, deadlines, and revenue generating projects. This can make it difficult to find a few hours in your week to get to the gym to workout. If you are a busy professional, you should know of a few fun activities that will keep you fit that you can actually squeeze into your day.


More and more people these days are paddleboarding because it is a great form of exercise, which gets you out on the water. If you are a busy entrepreneur, it can be good to get out on the water where it is peaceful. It is a great time to have some peace and quiet and clear your head. The reason that this activity is great for you, as a busy person, is because you only need to dedicate an hour a day and still get a good workout, burning hundreds of calories. Paddleboarding works your entire core, as you need to keep yourself balanced. It also works you legs to hold you up and your arms as you paddle through the water. Finally, it doesn’t take a great deal of skill. The only equipment that you will need is a surfboard and a paddle.

Stationary Bike

If you are busy with clients and projects, you likely won’t have the time to get out and ride a bike for hours each day. Riding a bike is a great for of cardio exercise. It can burn hundreds of calories, strengthen your core, and will give your legs an excellent workout. If you don’t have the time for a ride, you can purchase a stationary bike and keep it in your office. You can exercise while you are giving dictation, taking phone calls, or having a meeting with your assistant. Since the bike will be in your office, you won’t need to worry about feeling guilty that you are not getting any work done while you are exercising. If you are considering taking up stationary biking, you would need the bike and a pair of sneakers. You don’t want to ride a stationary bike in heels or dress shoes.


Racquetball is an excellent form of exercise. It will have your running, diving, and swinging throughout the entire game. It will also keep your heart pumping and your blood flowing, allowing you to burn hundreds of calories during each game. If you work for a major corporation, you might have a gym with a racquetball court in the building, making it easy to get to a weekly racquetball game. It could be something that you can do during a free lunch hour. If you don’t have a gym in your office building, there could be one not too far. If you are a workaholic, and you feel guilty leaving the office to play a game or two, you can invite co-workers and clients to play. It is a great way to make a deal or two and still workout. You won’t need too much if you are going to take up racquetball. Most clubs provide the rackets and balls. If you want to truly impress, you can purchase you own. The only things that you would really need to play are a good pair of non-slip sneakers and workout clothes.


Like racquetball, you can set up a weekly tennis game with business partners and clients. Tennis will get you out of the office and it is an excellent form of exercise. You can discuss business during the game and even make a lunch date after. If you are planning to set up a tennis game with an important business associate, you should consider booking a court at a country club or a fitness center. The court at the local park is not the best place to bring business associates for a game. If you are going to be discussing business, you will need a certain level of privacy. If you are going to start playing tennis, you would just need a tennis racket and a good pair of shoes. If you are playing tennis with important business associates and clients, you should also dress for the occasion. If you wear a suit in the boardroom, you should wear proper tennis attire on the court.


Running is an excellent way to get fit. It gets your heart pumping and works and tones many of your muscles. Taking a run alone is a great time to think about problems that you are having with work, and you may have an easier time coming up with a solution. When you have an hour where it is just you and the pavement, things can become much clearer. When you are not listening to the phones ringing and the hustle and bustle of the office, you will be able to clear your head. If you live in a climate where the weather is too cold to get out and run every day or if you don’t want to leave the office for an hour, you should consider putting a treadmill right in the office. You can still run and get the clarity that you need, but still stay warm. If you are planning to take up running, all you would need is a good pair of running shoes and an MP3 player playing your favorite music through your earbuds.


Golf has always been a pastime for busy entrepreneurs. More deals have been made on the golf course than in the boardroom. Rather than taking clients and business partners to lunch, you can take them out to play golf. You can conduct the business that needs to be conducted, while you are getting the exercise and the fresh air that you need. Golf is also a great way to network. Business contacts are made on the golf course every day. Meeting people on the golf course and discussing your game off the course is a great way to create lasting business relationships. If you are going to be playing golf with important people or if you are trying to network, you should invest in a good, expensive set of clubs and appropriate golfing attire. Just because you are on the golf course, you still need to look as professional as possible. Especially if you are playing with important people in business. If your game is not up to par, you can take a few golf lessons on your downtime. Part of impressing business associates and clients is playing a good game. It also doesn’t hurt when you can brag about your game.

Office Calisthenics

If you cannot tear yourself away from the office, even for an hour, you should consider doing calisthenics in the office. By doing a few exercises between tasks, you can burn hundreds of calories each day. For example, you can to 100 jumping jacks each time you hang up the phone. If you need to read a report or a brief, you can lay it on the floor and read while you are doing push-ups or sit-ups. If you are on the phone with a business associate or a client, you can do squats while you are talking. If you are really serious about burning unwanted calories, you can bring a jump rope to work, and jump while dictating letters to your assistant or after you have finished a project. Even though you don’t have the time to leave the office to workout, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still be able to exercise. The best part about office calisthenics is that you don’t need to bring in any equipment. You would just need to have a comfortable pair of shoes and an understanding assistant.

Just because you are busy with clients, associates, projects, and deadlines, it doesn’t mean that you cannot work out. Any of the above activities will give you an excellent workout, and you can still concentrate on the business at hand.

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