How to Ensure Your Instagram Following Continues to Grow

Whether you use Instagram for business or personal use, gaining a large following is something that many people are looking for and you must take steps to always ensure that you are striving to amass more followers on your profile. Instagram success comes about in many different ways and there are many tactics which you can employ to make sure that you are gradually increasing the number of real Instagram followers on your page. Simply setting up an Instagram account and then expecting people to come and see it just won’t happen and here are some of the things that you ought to be doing to make sure your following continues to grow.

Content Focus

Before you even start actively looking for more followers, you need to make sure that the content which you are providing, is something that people will want to look at. Think about what kind of value you are giving to your viewers with your content and address the quality of the shots or videos which you are uploading. When people first view your profile and consider whether or not to follow you, you will need to wow them with your content and this is always key in the success of your profile.

Involving Yourself

There is a great amount of shared love on Instagram and you will find that if you are looking around and finding pieces of great content which others have uploaded, commenting on it could see you gain more followers. Many companies who offer to manage your Instagram account will use this kind of approach as most people will appreciate a kind comment and reciprocally follow you back afterwards.

Using Hashtags

Hashtags are more relevant on Instagram than any other social media channel and you should be able to use creative hashtags to spread the word about who you are. The key to gaining more followers on Instagram is exposure and when you use a hashtag, you will be grouped into trending lists which others will see. Add to a great hashtag some awesome content and you can count on some additional followers, however, you can now buy real Instagram followers.

Think Local

One of the most popular functions of Instagram is being able to search for content or users within your locality and if you are running a business, this is a great way to push for more clients and more followers. Whether you are uploading a photo or a story, make sure that you geotag so that people can find you when they search for places.


Very often you will find a piece of controversial or edgy content which gets a greta deal of interaction, if you can add value to this conversation then you will be seen by a great number of people who will invariably check out your profile as a result. Find a popular conversation happening in your niche and get involved to drive more people to your profile.

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