Self Storage Containers and Small Businesses – The Perfect Match

Mobile Mini, one of the world’s leading providers of storage solutions, helps small business owners meet their storage requirements in a flexible, cost-effective manner through the hire of on-site storage containers.

Just ask Dave Wolfe of Wolfy Beds. Dave stores stock for his online dog beds business at the Mobile Minisite in Sunderland and couldn’t be happier with his business setup.Starting off with a single unit, Dave now occupies three 20ft storage containers and one 40ft container. When he gets a large delivery, it is easy for Dave to request additional storage. When Dave is between large deliveries, he can choose to decrease his storage capacity with similar ease.  Wolfe said, “From my experience, I would always choose a storage unit over a warehouse facility because of the versatility of being able to add or decrease a number of units, depending on how much stock I have at the given time.”

Dave served 30 years in the police force before swapping his police badge for a sewing machine and jumping feet first into the world of business and self-employment. Unable to find any good quality dog beds at an affordable price, he decided to embark upon his own business, where he would source quality dog beds, customise to suit customers needs and re-sell at an attractive price. 4 years on, from celeb clients to double-barreled dog names, life has really taken a turn for Dave Wolfe! He admits, ‘the people I deal with day to day at Wolfy Beds are very different to who I dealt with in the police force’.

The storage container setup is perfect for small business owners given the ever-changing nature of our economy. It eliminates several issues often associated with starting your own business, including high rental prices, property taxes, fixed contracts, limited space and expensive maintenance bills. All in all, it is a less expensive alternative to renting or leasing a small store, yet still more professional and secure than running one from your garage or garden shed.

Shaun Johnson, Mobile Mini branch manager at Sunderland stated: “At Mobile Mini we are seeing more and more small businesses taking advantage of the benefits a storage container can bring.   Here at Sunderland we have many business owners using our onsite storage facilities, the attraction being down to our flexible contracts, tight security, and adaptable storage. We’re offering a perfect solution to those that are in need of additional space but are wanting to save on the cost of renting office space.”

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