The Importance of Optimizing Your Work Environment

If you’re an entrepreneur, it’s even more important to make sure that you can be productive as possible. One way to do this is by changing your work environment to be conducive to focusing and getting work done. You might not really think about how your work environment can have a huge effect on your productivity, but there are a few changes along with a few stats below that can show the benefit a few changes can make. Check these out below.

Office Configuration

Over 90% of computer users settle for just one computer screen. However, Vibe conducted a study in 2007 that concluded that 2 computer screens are better than 1. They found that two computer screens were able to increase ones productivity levels from 9% to as much as 50% especially when it involved tasks that required a lot of copy and pasting.

Moreover, ergonomic office furniture can greatly improve one’s productivity. If you’re not totally comfortable with your furniture, you’ll spend more time focusing on ways to get comfortable than ways to get your work done. By not having the ideal furniture, you can also end up with a variety of health issues such as carpel tunnel syndrome.

Rick from, a home renovation specialists actually stated that “most individuals don’t realize the uniqueness of a working environment vs a non-working environment such as a living room.” This means that you’re working environment should be setup and optimized specifically for work. A good tip is to keep “relaxing furniture” such as couches and beds as far away from your workspace as possible.


Lighting also plays a major role in your overall productivity. In 2012, Mirjam Muench actually did a study with two groups of people. One group spent a few days working in natural light while another worked in artificial light. Those who worked in artificial light had increased signs of drowsiness. Scientists believe this is because our body’s natural rhythms have been disrupted by artificial light. When we are in environments with more natural lighting, our body’s rhythms are more in sync with the sun’s patterns as it rises in the morning and sets in the evening. This also means that being in environments with more natural lighting will allow you to sleep better at night and arrive much more rested in the mornings.


Setting the right temperature in your environment can make a huge impact on your productivity. A study conducted by Men’s Health magazine found that employees were much more productivity in temperatures between 71 – 77 degrees Fahrenheit. If the environment is too cold, there’s an increased chance of work errors and if the temperature is too high, there will be an increased chance of drowsiness. However, the ideal temperature levels can vary from person to person so this is something you’ll definitely want to test out for yourself.


This is perhaps the most obvious one. However, noise can be a big distraction and drain you of the energy to perform ideally. If you work from home, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to setup a quiet office in your home that’s semi-secluded for those times you really want to bang out a lot of work. It may not even be such a bad idea to visit your local library for a few hours to get some work done.


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