5 Best Fabrics For Women In Winter

Women love to shop for clothes and you can’t blame them for that, well said by Daniel Kruger. Winter season is imminent, bringing us a lot of festive occasions and celebrations, which provide a humble excuse to buy new clothes. However, shopping for winter season can be tricky; you need clothes that are both warm and trendy.

Among many types of stuffs available, here is my list of some that are comfortable as well as in fashion.


Velvet is a great stuff for winter clothing. Consider, velvet skirts; they are very much in fashion and can be purchased at affordable rates. Velvet clothing provides warmth that looks lavish and shiny too. Available in a large range of fabulous different colors, velvet skirts and blouses are suitable for both casual wear and formal dinner parties.

2.FR Clothing

Women who has to work in the industrial settings need to wear clothes that are not only fashionable but also protect them from fire hazards. FR clothing (Flame-Resistant clothing) is an ideal outfit for them. Wearing this type of clothing is also made compulsory in industry safety regulations and voluntary performance standards. The good news is, these clothes look pretty similar to our everyday clothes and there is a plenty of variety to choose from. You can buy FR jackets, FR shits, FR boots, FR pants and so on.

fabrics for winter


Among the topmost choices for winter clothes, leather is the most preferred stuff. Trendy leather jackets and long coats give a classy and elegant look. Although you can go for any color of your choice, I personally like traditional blacks and browns in leather. It goes with all types of occasions; whether it’s a dinner party, a business trip or a casual gathering of friends.


Cashmere is extracted from special type of goat found in Gobi desert. It has thick outer fur layer and a soft inner layer to provide maximum safeguard against cold. Cashmere clothes look very trendy and are comfortable to wear too. There’s a wide range of cashmere clothing available these days, embracing coziness and warmth you look for in winter. Moreover, cashmere clothes are easily washable and do not wrinkle like other winter stuff used in clothes’ manufacturing. Being lightweight, cashmere clothes give a soothing feel and a trendy look. The stuff is available in many different colors ranging from soft to intense.


Women knitwear has traveled a long distance before reaching to their winter clothes’ wardrobe. Many designers have now added knitwear to their collections. The fabric is particularly liked for its flexibility and elasticity. It is warm, comfy and is available in different styles and patterns. Because women knitwear is made from real wool, the knitwear sweaters and uppers provide a strong shield against cold weather without compromising on latest styling. It is interesting to note that knitwear has long been a slogan for liberated women.

All the stuffs we mentioned above are in fashion these days, so whether it’s a knitwear sweater, a cashmere jumper or a leather long coat, you can choose what you like the best.

So, what fabrics do you like in winter clothing? Share your thoughts with us.

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