My Snowboard Trip To Argentina

Although South America may not be your first guess when choosing your next ski and snowboard destination, with South America’s warmer climate and all, Argentina is home to several ideal ski resorts that will make any vacation an absolute dream come true!

Because of its glacial lakes and larger terrains, Argentina should be one of your go-to places for snowboarding this winter. Below, you can see five of Argentina’s very best ski resorts.

1.Las Lenas

Las Lenas is one of Argentia’s biggest ski resorts and can be found in the province of Mendova. Las Lenas is well-known for its powdered snow and extreme off-piste skiing. The resort also has a three-hundred bed hotel and has a cold climate.

Remember these mountains are very high in altitude so they are cold! Be sure to dress warm here with a warm, waterproof jacket or bibs. In Las Lenas, the ski season lasts from June to October. On its website, you can combine a trip to Las Lenas with any other ski resort in Argentina; therefore, you can extend your trip and plan an entire vacation.


Located in the Patagonia region of Argentina, Bariloche is surrounded by the Andes Mountains and is home to a large glacial lake. Bariloche is perhaps best known for not only skiing, but for hiking as well. It should be noted that it is also known for the tasty chocolates which are found in various shops.

After all, who doesn’t love chocolate after a cold day of skiing? The area has a rich history and beautiful architecture, which takes its inspiration from Switzerland. The ski shop is amazing there, I broke the buckle on my snowboard boots and I was able to find the same Burton boots I was using!

snowboard trip to argentina

monicore / Pixabay


Luckily enough, Chapelco is very close to a large volcano which rests between Chile and Argentina. This resort is ideal for any kind of guests – from children to adults, beginners to experts. For kids, though, there are magic carpets in case they get bored with skiing with the adults, and there are smaller slopes for them as well. Overall, Chapelco is ranked high-up in relation to some other ski resorts.

4.Cerro Bayo Resort

Cerro Bayo Resort has a certain charm; perhaps, it comes from its beginnings as a small, family-run business. The truth is, however, that Cerro Bayo Resort is hard to forget and there is a certain magic about this resort that stays with everyone who visits. There are trails which take you through treelines and provide you with incredible panoramic views. Nothing quite beats the mountain-landscape that Cerro Bayo has.

5.La Hoya

Compared to some of the aforementioned resorts, La Hoya isn’t very well known. Despite this, however, it is home to unbelievable off-piste skiing. Like other resorts, La Hoya offers hiking in the backcountry to those who either don’t want to go skiing or for those whose legs aren’t sore enough from skiing.

Overall, Argentina is a fantastic place to go skiing. It doesn’t offer the extreme cold and goal-breaking mountains that Switzerland provides. Although it is often overlooked because of South America’s warm climate, Argentina provides some of the most rewarding ski resorts and ski trails in the world.  does have a climate that is mild enough to make skiing there very enjoyable.

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