5 Ways To Build Customers Trust To Increase Sales On Your WooCommerce Site

Building the trust of a customer is one of the most crucial tasks for any eCommerce online store. Each and every time we find an unfortunate financial hack which eventually makes people afraid of placing their credit card numbers into any e-commerce site even if they want to buy the products. The caution instinct is one of the main reason that pervades customer interactions which eventually tanks a lot of potential sales. So in such scenarios what can be done? How to Build Customer’s Trust to increase sales on your WooCommerce site?

Fortunately, the following post offers well-known cues to consider while developing an e-commerce store by hiring a reliable WooCommerce developers from eTatvaSoft. Implement the below-mentioned strategies to make even the most hesitant shoppers feel secure while buying the product on your WooCommerce site.

#1 Gain customer trust with a great first impression

Create an impressive smell of your store. Design and atmosphere are the two major aspects that compel potential clients to visit your site. Like it or not but people visiting your site will judge its trustworthiness within a couple of seconds, using their subconscious instincts. So, what you need to do is, ask your WooCommerce developer to create:-

  • The user-friendly site navigation, i.e. easy to find and easy to navigate
  • Appropriate pictures, i.e. your product photos are big, beautiful and looks professional
  • A site with clear and easy to follow a visual hierarchy. For instance, a page of high-end design magazine or catalog with consistent colors and typographical scheme.
  • Attention grabbing writing style that is free of jargons and spelled correctly!

Do some competitive research. Look around for websites of big brands or successful makers that you are influenced by. Take note of how their sites are structured and what language is used to describe their products and see how pages are being laid out.

#2 Give Social Proof

Currently, most people pay a close attention to ratings, reviews, and comments from other customers. “Social Proof” is basically a fancy word that is used to define testimonials, reviews, awards and other recognition. The words from a satisfied customer will eventually enhance the efforts you have put in to build customer trust. In fact, detailed review with star ratings are even better and improve search rankings of a WooCommerce store.

The more transparency, the better sales. So, allow anybody to post a review with a filter for spam. Don’t be afraid to ask for it, and always thank customers for their comments.

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#3 make your web presence heard 

A beautiful looking and highly functional website developed by a WooCommerce development company will even perform better when the visitors have heard of you before. This can be considered as another form of social proof as people are visiting your site after seeing your work through social media platforms or featured posts.

All you need to do is create a compelling, clearly articulated story that emphasizes on what makes you stand out from the competition? Once you are done with brand establishing process start associating with people which will eventually give you an easy credibility boost.

#4 Encourage clear, customer-focused policies

Have you ever wondered what big carrots are used by Amazon or such reputable brands to reward their customers? Hassle-free, no-question-asked-returns, free shipping on all their products. Most of the WooCommerce development companies suggest their clients to provide a free option as it is the cheapest option. They say “you can either increase your prices to cover it or make it up by increasing the volume.”

So sell the products without any shipping cost and offer painless returns and shout it from the mountaintop. And they will return the favor by putting trust in your business.

#5 appropriate security

An e-commerce store is said to be successful when it keeps its customer’s payment information safe. Fortunately, payment gateways offered in WooCommerce development like Stripe and Paypal are highly confidential and trustworthy. EV SSL certificate is the best-suited certificate for eCommerce business. You can get this certificate at cheapest price from trusted SSL providers, but any WordPress or WooCommerce host will set you up with the right type without any hassle. The padlock seen in the address bar of their web browser will reinforce customers trust and ensure them that you are handling information safely and responsibly.

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