Top Reasons That Account for the Present Popularity of Online Tutoring

Tutoring has been one of top 16 businesses as per recent surveys and it has recorded 7% growth in 2014. Private tutoring recompenses the major disadvantages in education brought forth by the poor standards of public schools. When the standard educational patterns have proved themselves as a failure and the lapses in their infrastructure have been their lacuna, it is but natural for parents and students to access resources that prove to be a suitable alternative.

E-tutoring has a major share in global tutoring industry with an estimate of more than US$12 billion. The present popularity of virtual tutoring is due to various factors and a few of them are mentioned below –

1: Familiar technological medium

When regular classrooms are getting the ambience of modern technology with audio and video aids, tutoring set up where technology is the main base has attracted students to the core with its multiple advantages. With the increased familiarity of students with technological devices like smart phones, android apps and tablets, online learning through tutoring services has turned out to be one of their best options in education.

2: Stress free mode of learning

Complexity of education has gone up in scale and student stress has also mounted along with. Even a preschool child takes counseling courses for relieving stress and more so in the case of adolescents with their hectic study schedules. Online tutors help students give vent to their pain and panic and allow them to share their stress with them. Their diagnosis tests help students get away with their learning deficiencies and gain confidence for acing subjects. Further, virtual classes are replete with fun activities   that lend room for a stress free learning ambience.

3: Flexibility in learning

When learning is slowly turning out to be a chore, sitting in physical classrooms for education is getting out of focus and students prefer a mode that facilitates comfortable learning at flexible timings to suit their needs. When every student has the capability to access internet and pick out his study material, taking regular classes in a school is out of fashion and may be in extinct in future. Online tutors with their connectivity to World Wide Web produce details and material that are limitless. Any topic under the sun is answered by them and students can empower their knowledge through reading blogs on even general topics like Great Milestones in the Evolution of Education.

4: Education in capsule form

Easy to catch methods, test prep strategies and advanced educational methods through tech medium are provided in a capsule form for the easy digestion of students in online tutoring centers. The tutors render what the students need and offer their services for the limited time desired by the students. Tutoring is target oriented, customized and tailor made according to student needs.

5: Subject experts with experience

Regular teachers’ expertise does not reach all students and many find a gap between them and the teachers. Online tutors, screened and tested in their subjects, are reachable, accessible and available at any time. Subject experts from any quarter of the earth attend to the calls of students and come out with suitable solutions for their queries even in odd hours. This has popularized virtual tutoring to a great extent. Further, one on one attention paid by tutors to attend to the individual queries of students attracts many students towards this tutoring mode.

6: Cost efficient

Any student with a mobile can access e-tutoring and there ends the matter. A student can access tutoring help even for a few minutes based on his requirement. Further, it is open to all students from any part of the earth.

Thus, it is clear that online tutoring has captured the hearts of many a student for the basket of advantages it unfurls and it is sure to grow in popularity in future as well with many more advancements.

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