5 Tips For Being Stress Free During Exams

Performing well in exams depends on a lot of aspects such as the student’s preparedness for the exams, mental state, health and most importantly stress levels. However prepared the student may be, stress would adversely affect their performance. Read on to learn top tips that can help you stay stress free during exams.

Gearing up for exams could be a tough task in itself. If you are preparing for your exams (SATs, regular exams or any other competitive exam), it is very important that you stay stress free and relaxed. Not only will this help you prepare better, during exams, this will ensure that you get to apply whatever you’ve learnt to answer better and thus score better grades. Learning to calm your mind and relieve stress can do wonders for your confidence and focus levels while appearing for an exam. Read on to learn the top tips that reputed teachers and online tutors recommend for staying stress free during exams.

#1: Planning is the key to success

Plan ahead and stay focussed on your study goals before exams. Revise periodically and just before the exam, do not take up anything new to learn. It can stress you out and also mess with your confidence. Stick to your study schedule, study at the same time everyday if possible and during the academic year, be religious with your homework and assignments.

#2: A calm mind can do wonders for the memory

To stay calm when you are faced with difficulty during the exam, try to focus and concentrate by taking deep breaths. Listen to your breath and count from one to ten and inhale/exhale in a rhythmic manner. This will help you relax. Studies show that when you are relaxed, you think with better clarity. Also, when you aren’t worried about not knowing the solution, you may be able to solve the problem better and this will help you gain at least partial marks for your effort.

#3: Getting sufficient rest and staying hydrated can help

Students often burn the midnight oil the day before the exam and don’t sleep well. This will only result in them being tired and unfocussed during the exam. Have confidence in your preparation and get a good night’s rest. Sleep for at least 6 -7 hours and eat well. Staying hydrated is another important aspect when it comes to well being and it can help during exams too. If you are exhausted and dehydrated, you are going to find it way more difficult to concentrate than when you are well rested and hydrated.

#4: Connect with someone to alleviate the stress

Speaking to someone about what is worrying you can help. It could be your friend, your teacher at class or from your online tutoring platform. Tutors can help you with techniques for learning, tips to retain stuff in your memory and even simple relaxation techniques. Just speak to someone if you feel too bogged by exams. This is sure to help you out.

#5: Sign up for revision courses well in advance to boost confidence levels

Exam help is always available online and you could sign up for classes as and when you feel the need for them. Planning ahead can help you sign up for revision classes or crash courses at the right time. This can help you with your preparation while also honing your exam oriented skills.

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