50+ Resources that Transform Education Today

Education technology has occupied much space in recent technological developments. With an attitude of philanthropy, revolutionary giants in technology have shown interest in empowering education with new technological strides.

Though there are many online startups, they are spun around some fundamental educational ideas and as such it has become convenient for us to pick out the leading startups based on these ideas. Here these ideas and leading startups are:

New Institutions

The educational system of the 20TH century has been woven around institutions like schools, colleges and universities. Institutions have focused their attention on improving the scenario through developing new niches in this trend. Hence, we have more of online based institutions with niches like programs for children with disabilities, AP programs, test prep help etc. There are online high schools like Keystone Schoolcolleges like Kaplan University, University of Phoenix, certification programs like Alison.com, enterprise training programs like Global English.com and test preparation programs like EduNicheBright StormTutor JamTop Test Prep and art schools like Audiovisual Academy.com.

Learning Management

There are innovative software solutions for managing learning in institutions. Web-based tools like School Binder and Learn Boost are used to manage applications and grades. Courserank is used for reviews, class ratings, tests, schedules and student-teacher messaging. Sakai Project and Moodle are used for content management. School net.com is useful for analytics and reporting systems. LearningZenMindflash are useful for corporate learning solutions.

Online content

Today, online videos share the work of textbooks. TED.comBigThink99 Percent are revolutionaries in video recordings of technology and business leaders. You have Academic Earth and Research Channel.org for Science topics. Khan Academy.org has more than 1000 videos for secondary school curriculum. MIT OpenCourseWare gives out free online content from top universities. About.comHub Pages and eHow collect practical advice for educational topics.

Wikia.com and PBWorks are for creating your own wiki content. Content libraries like dailyendeavour, StudyNet, GradeGuru etc. are for career inspiration, high school content, case studies and lecture notes.

Networks and Marketplaces

The wWeb connects buyers and sellers in the educational market. Sites like Teach Street offer tutor and training listings. CraftEdu.com is the marketplace for paid and free online live and video training. GulliverGo is a listing hub for educational travel. Noodle.org is the guide for choosing your college. JobSpice.com helps you create your resume.

Live training and Tutoring

Live training is available through a number of sites today. Stream, Just.in tv are used for streaming lectures and conferences. Supercoolschool and EduFire.com provide specialized live teaching tools. Skype video education is offered by Tutor Pace.com and MathUmpire.com. These two websites motivate students to learn through mobile devices with easy access.

Learner Tools

Many online tools are in the market to make learning process smooth and hassle free. Fun flashcard based learning is there for you through QuizLet.comStudy Blue and Widescript provide mobile learning apps like notes. There are tools for career orientation tests and educational games.

Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning is fast developing in online education. Quora.com and StackExchange are question and answer platforms for professional topics. LiveMocha is for language learning and Edublogs.org is for teacher community.

Funding and Payments

Managing finance for education is a great issue. Affordable education, keeping college prices under control, increasing best teachers’ salaries are certain issues that need help. Enzi.org and Grade Fund help people in crowdfunded loans and selling shares of future salaries.

Hardware for Education

One Laptop Per Child produces and distributes inexpensive laptops for kids. Kno is a new tablet computer. TimeToKnow and SOLE project are other notable computerized classroom solutions.

Thus, with strides in educational technology, online aids also have increased in number for helping kids learn with ease, enthusiasm, and reduced stress. The teaching community also benefits lots through such innovations for conducting classes that prove beneficial for their students in many ways.

David Perkins - March 3, 2016

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