6 Reasons Why Being a Work-From-Home Mom is a Good Idea

So you’ve had a baby. Congratulations! Now you have a little bundle of joy that you can call your own. You can raise him and watch him grow, take their first steps, speak their first words – at least as long as you’re still home.

Still, while many moms want to go right back in their old working environment, some of them prefer doing it from home. All it takes is a chat with their boss and it should all work itself out – provided you have an understanding boss that actually cares about the law.

If you’re weighing the idea on whether or not you should work for home, here are some reasons why you should definitely consider it.


  • More Time with Your Kids


As a young mother, the hardest thing to do after maternal leave is to leave your child in the care of a nanny. The first years of a child is one of the most beautiful ones; you’ll be able to see their first step, watch them try to mumble “mama” for the first time – and simply allow them to know you.

If you are away from home for most of the time, they’ll grow up seeing the nanny as more of a mother than you are. The saddest thing is that your kid will grow up thinking that you are not their mother.


  • No More Commuting


Perhaps the most annoying think about working in an office is having to kill precious hour in traffic every day – hours that you could have spent with your child. Plus, not only is commuting troublesome, it’s also expensive. With the money you pay on gas or train passes, you can use it to buy cute stuff for your kid.


  • Flexible Hours


Most of the time, when you work for home, you will be able to get flexible hours. This way, you may start working early in the morning or after your child has already gone to bed.


  • Controlled or Increased Income


When you work from home, things can go one of two ways: you either ask your boss for the same income while you work remote, or you quit your job to become your own boss. If you have the necessary managing skills, chances are that you’ll be making more money from home than you would at your desk job.


  • Child Care Savings


If you’re working from home, chances are you won’t have to pay for a nanny. This way, you’ll be able to save that money and put it to better use.


  • You’ll Work in Comfort


Some people like the environment of an office. However, others would prefer it more if there were no distractions around. This allows them to finish their work earlier so that they could spend more time with their kids.

Working as a mom from home has its perks indeed, so you should try it. If your boss flat-out refuses you this benefit, you should look for a workers’ compensation injury lawyer. This way, you will know that all your rights are respected.

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