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All work and no play? That may be the motto among the 9-5 set, but it certainly doesn’t apply in the pet sitting universe. is reinventing the side gig economy with an incredible network of dog-and-cat-loving sitters who offer a world of experience, reliability, and endless affection for four-legged friends. With an easy-to-navigate application process and bevy of pet-sitting, money-making opportunity, Rover is very likely your next favorite thing. Check out why below.

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Need an extra job and source of income, but hesitant to commit to something else in addition to your existing school/work/social responsibilities?

The Rover network provides opportunities when you want them, as often as you want them. They also address the question of how you can earn money. As an approved Rover pet sitter, you can walk dogs. You can board cats and dogs in your own home. You can housesit. You can provide daycare for animals who have separation anxiety due to their owners’ long hours in the office. In short, whatever works for your schedule, your lifestyle, and your experience — you can accomplish while earning money on

Start your self-designed, pet-centric side gig here.

Love some animals, but not necessarily comfortable around every variety of furry friend?

That’s totally fine in the Rover universe. When you’re approved to be a sitter and create your profile, you have a great opportunity to market yourself and promote your specific skills. In this space, you can specify the breed, size, and age of animal you’re comfortable caring for. So if you’re nervous because you’re great with a few select types of dogs or cats and think you need to be well-versed in all, don’t be! We all have our strong points, and the pet owners on Rover shouldn’t miss out on your strong suits in the pet sitting arena. You’ll have the opportunity to have a conversation with potential clients about expectations and realities of caring for their individual animal.

Not ready for a pet of your own, but genuinely love spending time with four-legged friends?

Regardless of if they’re yours or not, there’s nothing like the human connection with a dog or cat. And if you don’t have one of your own to bestow affection on, that’s a tragic waste of energy that could be spent making tails wag. That’s one of the top reasons why being a Rover sitter is one of the more incredible jobs out there. It won’t feel like work if you’re a true-blue animal lover (and establish transparent expectations and understandings with their owner). And considering the stress that more traditional jobs can cause, those with sweet Rover furry friends are a welcome relief. Combined with the point made previously that you’re at liberty to make your own schedule when it comes to taking Rover jobs, this kind of side gig brings together more than one way to follow your own bliss. Plus, once you hit it off with a pet and their owner, you’ve created an incredible repeat client and networking opportunity for yourself.

And that’s what we call a solid debunking of the “all work and no play” maxim whenever anyone conceives of a side job (or main job, or any variety of job, really). Rover’s founding purpose to keep animals safe, happy, and all-around well cared-for, coupled with the constant demand for sitters due to inevitable holidays away, weekends out of town, and long days at work, make it a service well worth getting behind. Just ask the well-established pack of happy dogs and cats that always have a backup caregiver, treat dispenser, and walk leader whenever their owner is unavailable — thanks to the amazing sitters of

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Written by Casey Dickson, community member. Rover is the nation’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.

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