Good News – Regular New Templates Coming Soon

My sincere apologies for the long gap. I won’t bore you with the story but here’s the update:

The last post promised a new template and there was a massive interest. When that template wasn’t posted, people were commenting asking for it. There were lots and lots of comments some of which I’ve had a chance to review and approve.

If you are upset at the long delay, I understand, you have every reason to be. There are two of us behind this site: Clinton, owner, plus the main guy and creative genius: Roshan. He’s been busy, I’ve been busy and we haven’t had a chance to catch up and keep this site up to date. But the good news:

Roshan is now available again and is raring to go. He’s going to be posting a lot of new templates soon… and keep posting them on a regular basis.

Nothing else has changed. The terms are still the same: templates are free to use/modify as long as the linkback to this site is kept intact. Further good news: Roshan is available to answer support questions. He’s also available for custom work. There’ll soon be two contact forms on this site – one for technical, support and custom work and the other for admin, advertising and any other enquiries.

Again, my apologies for the delay.

5 Responses to “Good News – Regular New Templates Coming Soon”

  1. Awesome! Can’t wait to see the new templates!

    Also will custom work cost or will he be doing some for free if they aren’t too complicated? 😀

  2. Cody, there is only one form on the contact page now but you can use that to contact Roshan privately about any custom work.

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