5 Internet Marketing Trends in the Dental Industry this 2018

All kinds of business need some form of marketing in order to improve their sales. Even the practice of a dental profession could use a boost through marketing. To help you strategize your dentist online advertising campaign, here are 5 Internet marketing trends in the Dental Industry:

  1. Opt for Location-based Marketing

There are different levels of geographic targeting that businesses should consider. For a dental business, it’s most likely your business’ reach is local. Because of this, it’s best to focus your efforts on reaching your immediate locality.

Going local doesn’t mean that you should only put up signs and posters. Location-based marketing can also be done online. Searching online for a medical practitioner, including dentists, are gaining traction. Those who can be found online enjoy the benefits of getting more patients who eventually become their loyal customers.

To do direct your online marketing to a local level, the following can help you out:

  1. Make sure to be included in listings of local dentists
  2. Make sure you provide the needed local keywords as you do Search Engine Optimization
  3. Work together with social media influencers from your locality to promote your service.


  1. Trust Reviews are More Important than Ever

It is true that it is very difficult to trust anything nowadays especially with the prevalence of cybercrimes including scams. That’s why it’s a good idea to aim to improve your trustworthiness.

One way to do this is by allowing your patients to provide you with reviews. You may use Google Review, Yelp, and social media for this. Set up accounts and invite your patients to review your services on any of your sites. By being able to see the reviews from patients who actually tried your services. A prospective patient would feel more comfortable trying your services firsthand if they find that your previous patients provided great opinions about you.

  1. Build a Mobile-Focused Web Presence

A lot of people are spending more time on their phones than on computers. This is a fact that urged a change to how online marketing is done. Because of the trend, more and more online marketing campaigns are ensuring that mobile is given much consideration, if not the primary consideration.

If your dental service business has a website, it’s recommended that you ensure that your site is compatible with smartphones. This means that your website’s aesthetics and performance should work well on mobile.

Doing this also boosts your SEO strategy, giving your site more chances of landing on the first page of a search engine’s results page.

  1. Run Social Ad Campaigns

Social networking sites also allow paid advertising that in return, allows you to target your ads to a desired subset of users. With paid advertising, you would be able to pinpoint which exactly you would like to target your ads for. You will be able to choose a location, age, gender, and more.

With the use of a paid advertising, your ad would be able to reach only those who you believe that have the highest chances of being your customer. In the case of dental practice, the option to choose a location works best as this will help focus your ads to those that are residing near your dental clinic.

Doing this is very efficient as it saves the time to reach your desired patients. By simply posting on your social media account, you are limited to reaching your friends and their friends as well. You will leave it up to luck for your ads to reach those that actually have a high chance of becoming your actual patients.

On the other hand, using paid ads allow your ads to be seen even by those outside your friend list. Your ad would appear on any person within the descriptions you’ve set, and for this case, residents near your clinic. This targets them directly, helping you be able to gain a lot of potential clients with not much effort and much more success rate.

  1. Create a Video-focused content

In the realms of online marketing, content is crucial. It comes in many forms including texts, images, and videos. For the case of marketing a dental practitioner, it is best to focus on videos.

Some of the videos you can create are the following:

  • An introduction to your business and your clinic’s location
  • Your services
  • Dental health tips

Videos are highly-engaging and give more impact that plain text so the use of videos for online marketing is great. It also helps boost your SEO.

Strategize your Online Marketing Campaign Now

Strategizing an online marketing campaign for a dental professional can be very tricky. Our tips above are some the most effective steps you can take to help promote your dental business so make sure that you practice them. However, of all that has been said above, about the most important is localizing your campaigns.

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